So Lazy

After graduate school, I thought for sure that I would have so much free time I would write here every day. It is true that I do have a lot more mental free time. That is, with school out of the picture, the reading and writing assignments that consumed so much of my mental energy are history, and I can lie in bed as I am now, and think whatever pleasant thoughts I choose to think, without worrying about some paper that’s due in a day, a week, or three months from now. However interesting something is, having a deadline makes it less pleasant. And when something is not interesting, deadlines make it that much worse. Those concerns are gone.

Sure, my job involves work, and that work requires mental energy. But, by and large, my time now belongs to me, and I can choose to do with it what I will. And that gets me back to the writing. I thought I would be doing much more of it, but I haven’t.

Part of this is because I have been using my free time to do a million small projects, and a few major ones. Designing and building my improved music library was, obviously, an enormous task, and consumed all my free time for an entire month. I’ve repaired my washing machine, television, dresser, and so on, and refurbished my bicycle and installed mini-blinds in all the windows of the house.

But a larger part of it has been a lack of discipline. School made me so tired of writing that even fun writing felt a little too much like work. When I am sitting before a computer, I have lately found it easier to read Wikipedia than write. But that’s about to change: I am going to make a more concerted effort to write frequently.

Or not. We’ll see.

Picture Pages

Because a recent motivation deficit has caused me to reduce the frequency of my writing on this site, and because I don’t want it to appear that I don’t care any more, I have added a little widget to the side bar that displays recent photos, which I will try to update every day.

It’s Worse Than Ever

Ta Da! Something must be done. I cannot live like this.

I receive hundreds of email messages each day. Approximately five of them are legitimate. The rest are what is commonly called spam. I get messages about pills, investing, internet auctions, vacation deals, and countless other things, but none are authentic communications from parties with whom I have any relationship whatever. On the contrary, many of these messages claim to have business with me, but manifestly do not.

Some of these spam messages attempt to deceive me with realistic looking subject titles, like “Student Loan Information”, or coincidentally come bearing the name of someone with whom I regularly engage in correspondence. In this way I sometimes click on a message believing it to be from my friend Anthony, only to find it is not. Sometimes, however, the spammers don’t even seem to be trying. “Follow-up to our talk about refinancing your house” is one I have received. Really? How absent minded would I have to be? One I got today was “Shocking Tim Russert Sex Tape”. Even if this was a real thing, why on earth would I want to see that? I mean, if I got one that said, “Shocking video of you eating cookies in your yard”, yeah, maybe I’d think that was real, and I’d be concerned enough to click a link. But the other thing? No way.

I hesitate to say anything about this here for risk of attracting more attention from spammers, but I assume many of them are robots anyway and don’t know the difference.

Something must be done. I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird for a month or so, and I have it set to filter junk mail, but I still have to regularly sift through the junk to see if any genuine correspondence has been misidentified. Every day something is. Is there a better way to handle this?

Still Alive

I haven’t died or given up writing on this website. I have just had a spate of computer-related maladies that have prevented me from devoting attention to this. For instance, in the past month, I have had to reformat my machine twice. This, of course, has cost me an enormous amount of time spent restoring said computer to a condition I find useful, adding my old programs and files right where they belong.

I will do my best to write a great big update on Thursday, and in it will tell you about school, Sloshball, and the wedding of two dear friends.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

DSC_5223 I sincerely regret that the hectic pace of this spring semester has kept me from writing here.  This is doubly unfortunate because so much has been  going on, both at home and elsewhere.  Rest assured that in a week’s time, I’ll be posting again regularly, at least until late August.

Check back again Wednesday night.